"What a beautiful reading to the black mom who lost her son 14 years ago!!! I love so much how compassionate Allison is and how much happiness and peace she brings to the grieving people ❤️ ❤️ ❤️"


"Just wow! Allison's connection to spirit is strong and her readings are filled with love and light. She helped me reconnect with my purpose."

@Anna Ting

"Never have I ever experienced such an accurate reading. Allison's insights were incredibly specific and her guidance was spot-on. I left feeling like I had a roadmap for the next part of my journey"

@Jp Patoc

"I got my reading and I must say that she was on point. Don't give up, just be a bit more creative when asking for a reading. Stand out so YOU can be the next to get a free reading. Thanks Allison Carmany"


"This was such an amazing experience. Thank you so much for helping me connect with my Grams"

@Burgandy Lynn

"Allison Carmany has a real gift. She delivered messages from the other side that were spot on. It was an emotional, yet comforting, experience. "

@Kath Ford

"Allison you are so appreciated and loved. Thank you for sharing your gift and helping people to raise their vibration and find peace and love "


"Went on for the first time yesterday and got a reading it was so excited and accurate. Thank you so much @Allison Carmany You were amazing ❤️"


"Allison's reading was heartfelt and sincere. She helped me understand my past and gave me hope for the future. Truly an unforgettable experience."

@Ericson Albios

"Allison Carmany's session was a turning point for me. She helped me find closure with issues that have been haunting me for years. Can't thank her enough!"

@Bev Ong

"Great job Allison you are doing such a great job. Watching people getting a reading for their loved ones and making them feel better. God Bless you"

@Neha Jha

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