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Allison Carmany

Renowned Psychic Medium, Author, Life Coach, & Spiritual Guide


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Allison Carmany

One afternoon in 2020, at the peak of the COVID pandemic, Allison was right in the middle of a Life Coaching call with one of her clients when something extraordinary happened…

…Out of nowhere, she had an extremely vivid vision of a woman with pearl earrings who wanted to communicate a message to her client.

After describing the woman in detail, her client revealed that the woman from the vision was her aunt Pearl, and the message she communicated immediately helped her client overcome the limitations that had been holding her back from living her dream life…

That was the first time Allison had a psychic vision…

…and at that very moment, she knew she was being called to help people connect with their loved ones on the other side and remove the energetic blocks that prevented them from manifesting their dream realities.

Not one to waste time, Allison began her formal training at the world-famous Spiritualism center in Lily Dale, New York, where she immediately felt at home among a crowd of fourth and fifth- generation psychic mediums.

After completing her training, Allison experienced an explosive rise to fame by giving her gift of psychic mediumship online, helping people connect with their loved ones on the other side to identify what’s really holding them back in life with an unheard-of level of accuracy.

While she enjoys using the Law of Attraction to instantly materialize everything she wants in life, what Allison enjoys the most is helping people like YOU wake up to their psychic abilities and realize that living a life of peace, health, and abundance was always meant to be EASY.

That’s why she started her personal channel on YouTube, which has grown incredibly quickly with more than 250K subscribers from all over the world in less than a year!

It’s also why she created Soulful Evolution, a sanctuary for spiritual discovery and transformation where thousands of people just like you can develop their psychic powers and create their dream lives…

…surrounded by a loving family of like-minded soulful people who want to discover the best in themselves and shatter the limitations that hold them back from manifesting their ideal reality!

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